Broadband & Internet Funding

Does a slow internet speed slow your business down?

Would you benefit from faster broadband and internet speeds?

Would funding worth up to 50% of the cost of broadband investment help?

Digital Growth Vouchers can be used to fund part of the cost of broadband, this can include fibre and high-speed internet. You may be able to access up to £25,000 towards the cost of the investment in new hardware that can help speed up your internet service, as this will lead to increased productivity. If your business will grow as a result of improved internet connection, then you may be entitled to receive a Digital Growth Voucher from a funding provider.

Many businesses struggle with internet connectivity, as often the broadband providers focus on evolving domestic broadband and businesses are left to invest in fibre and leased lines to enjoy speeds that are necessary for business efficiency.

Increased internet speeds help communication with 3rd parties but they also improve internal productivity, particularly with teams that rely on remote working or for multi-site operations. Investing in broadband can help your business to grow through improved productivity and if this would help your business then a Digital Growth Voucher could be used to contribute towards the cost of the investment.

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