Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Funding

Would your business benefit from a more efficient way of managing customer data?

Does your current Customer Relationship Management enhance your business productivity?

Would funding worth up to 50% of CRM investment help your business?

Digital Growth Vouchers can be put towards the cost of an investment in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. You may be able to benefit from up to £25,000 towards the investment in CRM software that can help your business to grow through enhanced productivity. If your business will grow as a result of having a more efficient CRM system then you may be entitled to receive a Digital Growth Voucher from one of our funding providers.

CRM software helps your business to organise it’s sales process and to reduce administration time and as such can help you to grow your business, Whether you employ a sales team or not, establishing a routine for contact management will help your business to be more organised, and as it grows, the CRM system should support your business grow and evolve as the business does.

An investment in CRM software provides a fundamental business system that often becomes the bedrock of any business. Specifying the right CRM for your business is complex, with so many different options available, with big differences between costs and benefits.

Digital Growth Vouchers can be used to invest in the procurement and set-up of a CRM system that is right for your business. The best CRM for your business will be one that connects to other pieces of software that you use or plan to use, this can include your accounting software, email marketing and marketing automation software.

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