Website Design Funding

Do you need to bring your website up to current standards?

Has your online offering fallen behind the competition?

Would funding worth up to 50% of the project cost help?

Digital Growth Vouchers enable businesses like yours to benefit from funding support. Depending on your business type you can access up to £25,000 worth of funding towards your next website project. As long as you can demonstrate that the investment will enable you to grow your business, your application will be reviewed.

Digital funding can be used to invest in maintaining or upgrading your existing site or invest in the development of a new website.

Upgrading to a mobile responsive website will help you to attract more opportunities to your business. More and more users are accessing websites using mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Having a website that can be efficiently accessed across all devices is crucial to modern day commerce.

Website page speed is vitally important to the conversion of visitors. 40% of visitors leave a website before it loads, if it takes more than 4 seconds. Digital Growth Vouchers can be used to improve your website performance.

Whatever your requirements, provided you can demonstrate that investing in your website will help your business grow, then you may qualify for a voucher that can cover up to 50% of the investment, depending on the type of business you are.

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Multiple projects can be considered in a single application