Hardware & Software Funding

Is your computer’s hardware & software in need of an upgrade?

Is old computer hardware & software holding your business back?

Would funding worth up to £25,000 of the cost of Hardware & Software help?

Digital Growth Vouchers can be used towards an investment in computer software & hardware if this will help your business to grow. You may be able to access up to 50% of the investment cost for new computer equipment and programs if this will lead to increased productivity. If your business will grow following the investment in computer equipment then you may be entitled to receive a Digital Growth Voucher from one of our funding providers.

Computer hardware includes business machines (desktop pc’s, tablets and servers) and the Digital Growth Vouchers can be used to invest in the procurement of new equipment that can help your business to grow.

Computer software includes programs and subscriptions that can be used to improve business efficiency and performance. Depending on the software requirements, a Digital Growth Voucher may be used to contribute towards the cost of this investment.

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